Pitching Angels

Pitching Your Startup Successfully to Angels and VCs

Pitching Angels – The Series

A Tale of Two Pitch Decks

You need two versions of your pitch deck – one for presenting in person and one for sending out. Understand what material you need to include in each.

Lesson 2: It’s the Exit, Stupid!

What does an investor want — an exit. That’s the only way we make money. Consider whether you really want to build a business for acquisition and make sure the entire pitch tells the story of how you get to a successful exit.

Lesson 1: What are Investors Looking For?

To pitch effectively to potential investors, you have to see the world from our eyes. What do we want, and why should we invest in you and your business? In most cases, the simple answer is money – we invest money to make money, but that’s not the entire story.

Introducing Pitching Angels

Hi. My name is DC Palter. Part time angel investor, part time startup mentor, full time startup entrepreneur. Oh, and published author and wannabee novelist, too. I never set out to become an angel investor or even an entrepreneur but my life has taken many unexpected twists and turns and that’s where I find myself […]

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